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promoting businessWe can assist you in promoting your business or organisation online to make people aware of your organisation, what you do and the benefits of using your products or services. It is a fact of life that your online presence is increasingly important these days so you will need to actively promote you and your business by all the various means where your customers are likely to look or see information about what you are offering to potential customers. Basically, the more people who see you online the more customers you should have.

For your assistance we have set out below some of the steps we think are important in promoting your business:

Step 1 Positioning yourself

This involves working out what position you intend to occupy in the market. Are you cut rate? Up market? Exclusive High quality? Reliable? Helpful to customers? Basically this is the image you want to convey to your potential customers.

Step 2 Branding

This builds on the position you have decided to occupy in the market. It involves things such as getting a logo and business cards, selecting your colour scheme, naming your business and your goods and services.

Step 3 Creating a visible presence

If you have a building, office or other premises which the public can see then brand it through signwriting etc. Brand your car, print business cards and brochures.

As previously mentioned, it is important to create an online presence as an online search or information delivered some electronic way such ans through social media or email as this is a major factor in people’s purchasing decisions. In simple terms, if they do not “see” you they cannot deal with you. Remember, we would be pleased to assist you with building your business and market online.

Step 4 Advertising

Advertising today is much broader than it was years ago. We take the view that it is now more of a case of taking positive steps to promote you and your business to potential customers. some common means or this include:

  • Your website.
  • Search engine optimisation and search engine marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Search engine Marketing (SEM) such as Google paid advertisments.
  • Social media marketing e.g Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc.
  • Setting up a Google My Business listing and linking it to your website.
  • Media (TV, radio, print, online, mobile, social)
  • Direct marketing (direct mail, email, SMS)
  • Through influencers (e.g. lawyers, accountants, trade or professional organisations)
  • Public relations, events and/or sponsorships
  • or a combination of methods.

Step 5 Influencing your customers

What you want is for customers to come back to you for repeat business and for happy customers to tell others.

Some of the ways in which you can attract repeat business and for customers to tell others how happy they are with you are:

Customers tell others how happy they are with what you do. Some key points are:

  • Under-promise and over-deliver by doing better or quicker that you promised.
  • Make every transaction a winner – you are happy and your customer is happy.
  • Ensure a quality produce or service.
  • Stand behind and guarantee your products.
  • Ask for and collect testimonials and reviews including asking people to put a review on your Google My Business listing. Note reviews are important as they influence potential customers.
  • Keep in touch with your customer especially where there is potentially repeat business.

We would be pleased to talk to you and assist you to promote your business and market online.

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