Social Media Marketing

Having an online presence on social media has become an important online tool for many businesses.

Social Media Marketing is nothing but the use of Social Media platforms to promote a business or the products and services. It is one of the digital marketing technique used to utilize social networking platforms to gain traffic and attract the targeted audience. We can assist you in setting up accounts and graphics so that you can get the benefit of these useful platforms.

It is easier to be successful in digital marketing by using social media. It helps to strengthen your marketing strategies and maintain relations with existing clients as well as to acquire new clients.

In addition to assist you in building social media accounts we can set up your website to enable viewers to go straight to your social media pages or “share” your site with your own contacts.

Things do change over time but we currently see the following as important:

Facebook – which is very popular in New Zealand

Twitter which is a good medium for getting a quick message to your followers

Instagram and Pinterest where visual images are good to showcase what you offer customers

Other platforms where relevant e.g Stumbleupon, Redit

Blogging with links to relevant social media platforms

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social media marketing

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