Starting a home-based business

The page entitled Starting a small business has some very useful information which is relevant to Starting a home-based business.

However, there are some additional key points you may need to think about including:

  • The business needs to be suitable to be operated from home. This often requires dedicated space such as a garage/workshop, separate room, studio or similar.
  • You will possibly not have any work colleagues to talk to about what you are doing and for social exchange
  • You will need to be organised and self motivated. In working hours you should either be working or canvassing for work.
  • You may need to spend time researching issues as no-one has all the knowledge they need for all the required tasks such as technical support, accounting and marketing.

Promoting your home-based business is increasingly important as for example you will not have a commercial building with signage about your business. for this reason having a strong internet presence is important and this is something we would be pleased to assit you with. See also information on promoting your business and business planning



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